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Welcome to my website. Thank you for taking a peek.

What I have documented here are studio portfolios, a resume, a few statements about bodies of work, and lists of exhibitions and shows I have participated in -- all this is represented in bodies of work and phases of my ever-changing and ever-moving life.  

I currently live in a Philadelphia suburb with my family and wee little dog, Selah. I am blessed to have many opportunities to teach yoga, which I love. Like my studio work, practicing yoga and teaching yoga has brought me great joy and also great questions, sadness and wonder.

My work, in both the yoga studio and the art studio, I hope reveals the earthy dirt I come from, the relationships and reorienting I've gone through, and the awe of the Spirit that has carried me through.

New to the Main Line area, I am seeking a teaching job in foundations drawing at a college or university in the Philadelphia vicinity. I have gifts and passion for teaching drawing and developing ground work for visual acuity, skill with drawing materials and a desire for each person to find their visual voice and personal story, in the stream of art-making.

While trained as a painter, I don't hold to a single medium and have strutted around in sculpture and installation work that incorporated sound and invited physical interaction between viewer and work. My paintings also use many printmaking techniques and much layering, even off of the primary surface out into space using transparencies. I find the idea or concept will call for a certain voice that holds texture, weight and space and even loudness/volume; so my work swings from painting to sculpture with various stops in between.

Some of the themes I have worked with are: where is My voice / volume / what to say; becoming which grew out of becoming pregnant and having my son; personal traits that are physical / mental that are passed on genetically, manipulated, or even transformed with time. In the past decade I delved into yoga, breath work, meditation and prayer. This spiritual practice melded into my studio work and I sought ways to integrate what was coming of the practice; this launched a process of seeking a language or physical notation for breath.